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President's Welcome

On behalf of the Women in Business Society, I am delighted to welcome you to our community of strong, capable women in business. Our society has grown tremendously over the past few years, thanks to the contributions and engagement of our dedicated committee which have led to a very successful two years as a society, of which we intend to further in the coming ones.


This past year, we’ve grown at an exponential rate thanks to our incredibly hardworking team within their sectors.


Our marketing team has been successful in promoting our society to a very broad range of individuals within the university and beyond in order to maximise engagement both online and in-person following the easing of pandemic restrictions.


Our events team has organized a number of successful events including our biggest event to date, a Law Fair with guest speaker Duncan Osler, Partner at the MacRoberts Edinburgh office over an afternoon tea at the Rusacks. We have also held a diverse set of events, ranging from professional workshops to social events including "speed networking" sessions.


Our sponsorship team is also proud to have established partnerships with local vendors such as Lupo's, an Italian restaurant that provides us with space for our events as well as international firms of whose opportunities we pass on to our members and base the premise of our events around and in-line with. These partnerships have helped us to expand our reach and provide more value to our members.


We are so proud of the work we’ve done together as a team and how it has paid off; last year, we received a grant from the "Best New Society Award" which we used to maximize accessibility for both attending events and becoming a member through subsidies. This year, we are proud to have won the "Best Society of the Year" award which provides us with another grant to support our efforts in hosting large-scale events aimed at a broad range of sectors and subsidizing ticket costs to ensure that our events are accessible to all those in St. Andrews at a low, or no cost, who wish to support women and non-binary individuals in business.


We believe that all those involved with WIB, member or not, are provided with an excellent opportunities and supportive community of talented individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in all sectors of the work force. We trust this has been the case during our last two years as a society, and work to ensure this in our coming years.




Ashwaty Nambiar

2023-24 President

About Us

Women in Business was founded in July 2021 to provide all students with opportunities in varying areas of business: advertising, consulting, finance, marketing, legal, and public relations. We are dedicated to promoting gender equality within the male-dominated workforce and believe that a powerful foundation can have an immense impact on those just beginning their future careers. We are focused on building a supportive network of individuals and inspiring young leaders to succeed in the workforce. 

Our Core Aims


To create solid connections for similarly minded individuals that will extend beyond their time at university

To inform, advocate, and encourage women and other gender minorities to enter into a business workforce through skill workshops, speaker events, and networking opportunities

To bring together working professionals, current students, and WIB alumni to create a robust and supportive community of women interested in business





To be solely focused on encouraging, advocating, and preparing individuals to succeed in male-dominated industries: law, finance, and public sector


Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

It goes without saying that Women in Business’s goal is to increase diversity and inclusion. in all fields. Equality is at the core of our mission. Our society was founded because we are passionate about increasing opportunity for those previously excluded from male-dominated fields. It is now undeniable that both businesses and employees benefit from diversity and inclusion, and we are here to speed up that change.

Both within our own society and in the workplace, we build events and opportunities that bring in diversity. Despite our name, we don’t just focus on gender – our own BAME representative works to keep intersectionality at the core of all we do, specifically recognizing the challenges facing women and non-binary people of color. Companies diverse in gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity and experience are proven to be more profitable and their employees happier, and all fields benefit from diversity of perspective and identity. It is absolutely crucial that as we move to make room for equality in business and in our university that we, ourselves, are intersectional and inclusive to all individuals. Our mission has been, and will always be, simple: to elevate voices not often heard in the corporate world, and to strive for true equity in all that we do.


Snippets of StA.WIB Life

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