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University of St Andrews

Women in Business



We are the St Andrews Women in Business Society; a group of all students who are dedicated to promoting gender equality within the male-dominated workforce. Our purpose is to foster an empowering community at the University of St Andrews by promoting education, experience, and exchange between interested students and outstanding industry professionals. 


In short, we aim to serve our community through careers in varying areas of business: advertising, consulting, finance, marketing, legal, and public relations. 


Our Executive Board strives to accomplish this goal through skill-building workshops, various guest speaker events, student-led forums, and networking opportunities that exemplify the triumphs of professional women. Such activities enable our members to be guided through their personal and professional development while preparing them for diverse career opportunities that await them within the workforce. 

Join Us!

StAWIB is open to all students, all majors, and all genders.

Membership comes with fantastic benefits. Click below to find out how to connect with us.

Our Members

We currently have 40+ active members of all undergraduate and postgraduate years.

Our members represent over 10 areas of degrees, including business management, humanities, STEM, and more.

Approximately 95% of our members have found an internship in various industries such as finance, legal,  consulting, and marketing after their first year in StAWIB.

Membership Information

Any student is welcome to become a General Member.

Membership attainment allows you to attend as many StAWIB events as your schedule accommodates.

If you want to be more involved, you can apply to be on a committee, which gives you the opportunity to strengthen specific skills & form a stronger bond with fellow members.


In addition to our career events and fun mixers, StABWIB hosts two larger events:

  • Law Fair (Fall)

  • Women in the Workforce Conference (Spring)

These events provide members with varying opportunities to gain hands-on learning experiences while connecting with industry leaders.

Our Mission


Let Us Open Doors for You

Through bi-weekly meetings and varying events, our members quickly become integrated into a closely-knit group. We encourage each other to explore new interests and create opportunities for one another to achieve success. All we ask of our members is to dream big. As an organization, we host fun mixers and group dinners for the sole purpose of bringing members closer together.


Learn to Lead and Succeed

To give our members the greatest edge in developing their careers, we have developed relationships with top employers and company representatives from a multitude of industries, such as investment banking, consulting, marketing, and more. Additionally, we provide opportunities for members to get to know our growing network of alumnae, employers, and industry leaders. Through speaker events, skill-based workshops, and meetings, our mentorship program builds a foundation for caring relationships.


Let's Elevate Each Other

StA.WIB was established to address the challenges female business professionals face in the workplace. It is the first thing you will notice at any of our events: the atmosphere of trust and support. WIB, above all, is a community where students actively support their peers to break society's status quo and enter the workforce as confident, resilient professionals.

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